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    The TRAVEL KIT is composed by 1 disposable towel and 2 mittens made up of a plastic-coated internal part and a pre-wet external part, with neutral soap and disinfectant aloe vera, in a soft viscosee. It can be used everywhere, (car, train, plane, camper van, tent) and it is recommended for all ages and every time you need to wash, hygienize or refresh your body or part of it.
    Specifically necessary for non-self sufficient people and in case of hospital admission as well.
    How to use the TRAVEL KIT:
    (1) wear the mitten like a glove and proceed washing the body starting from the face, then the neck, the shoulder, the armpits, the torso and the abdomen.
    (2) Turn the mitten and wash the genitals by moving the hand top-down. It is recommended especially for women to wash the genitals starting from the vagina towards the anus (not vice versa).
    (3) Change the mitten and keep on hygienize the body. Wash the thighs, the legs and the feet; (4) finally turn the mitten and wash the anal area.
    Use the included towel to dry, following the same order then before. Put the towel on the part of the body you want to dry and make a slight pressure with the palm of the hand, without giving rubs.