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    The birth is, for sure, a happy moment given by the incoming baby. To live this moment in the best possible way and with the best safety, it is important to bear in mind that the birth could bring infectious risks to the new mums. In fact, during this period, the women are particularly vulnerable to the hospital infection, caused by the birth stress and by the injuries that it could cause.
    The POST-PARTUM KIT is strongly recommended to every woman, in order to prevent every kind of infection. Post-partum kit guarantees, for the entire day, hygiene, hydration and especially a correct personal disinfection and for the whole body as well, without using water and without any need of rinsing. It allows to avoid the use of public bathrooms that, often, represents the most common source of the numerous and aggressive hospital infection.
    POST-PARTUM KIT is composed by:
    – A Pre-wet mitten, enriched with neutral, hydrating, and natural disinfecting cleaning products (aloe vera)
    – A Catch-germs towel (patented)
    – A sanitary napkin
    – A disposable slip (in different sizes)