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    The SHAMPOO&CONDITIONER CAP is composed by an internal part of pre-wet NONWOVEN FABRIC with shampoo and conditioner (without surfactant) and an external plastic-coated part. It can be used everywhere, (car, train, plane, camper van, tent) and every time you need to wash, hygienize or refresh your hair and scalp. It’s recommended for all ages and specifically necessary for non-self sufficient people and in case of hospital admission as well.
    How to use the SHAMPOO&CONDITIONER CAP: wear the cap in order that all the hair are inside of it. Proceed with a slight massage, using the fingertips of both hands. An hygienizer and perfumed lather will come out.
    Keep on massaging for 3-4 minutes. In case of very long hair extend the massage for 2 additional minutes. Dry the hair with the included towel, without rinsing.