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    BATH/SHOWER KIT has been conceived for the prevention of the common and contagious pathologies of the cutaneous apparatus and the genitourinary system in case of frequentation of places such as beauty centres, gyms, swimming pools, hotels, campings and so on.
    BATH/SHOWER KIT is the perfect and useful device for every kind of stays outdoors.
    BATH/SHOWER KIT is composed by:
    – A bathrobe made with a very soft viscose
    – A pair of disposable slippers.
    – Two cacth-germs towels.

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    The CATCH-GERMS TOWEL is a towel composed by various layers; under the layers of the two external faces, there is a semipermeable membrane that facilitates the absorption of the residual water, after the washing, on the skin. Once the water is absorbed, it will be addressed to the central layer. This layer has a high capacity of absorption and can hold inside all kinds of liquids.
    This particular structure (Patented (European patent)) prevents the return of the water on the external face of the towel, which could be potentially infected by bacteria, virus and mycetes.
    How to use the CATCH-GERMS TOWEL:
    Put the towel on the part of the body you want to dry and make a slight pressure with the palm of the hand, without giving rubs. Repeat the process until the skin is completely dry.
    Useful advices
    It is strongly recommended the use of the CATCH-GERMS TOWEL during the infecting pathologies of the skin and the genitourinary system of the same person.
    In physiological conditions the towel can be used many times; when the cycle of drying is ended throw it in the common waste.