DRY&SAFE is a line of Italian products specifically conceived for your personal hygiene without any use of water.

DRY&SAFE line can be mainly used in two ways:

1) It can be used for the secondary prevention of the transmissible pathologies of the cutaneous apparatus, the genitourinary system and the scalp.

2) It can be used during the free time: every time you are outdoors and you need to hygienize and refresh your body or a part of it, without any need of rinsing.

For this reason, DRY&SAFE is a necessary tool during your long travels by bus, plane or car, during your stays in camping or camper van and in hospital wards. DRY&SAFE can be used in order to avoid the use of public sinks and bidet (i.e. hotels, service stations, beauty farms) responsible of unexpected and unpleasant contagious pathologies. A perfect line also for non-self sufficient people daily. hygiene.

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